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I made a list like this for Lucero songs a few months ago. Well, the Tim Kasher solo album is finally out so I figured I’d make a list of my ten favorite Tim Kasher songs.

“The Martyr”

“The Lament of Pretty Baby”

I really didn’t start listening to Cursive until Domestica came out in 2000. At the time, they just seemed like a band that listened to a lot of Fugazi. It wasn’t until much later that I realized the emotional significance of this album; it’s all about Tim Kasher’s divorce. It’s really hard to break up these songs so I grouped them together. However, these are tracks two and six respectively. I remember getting to see Cursive when they toured for this album (they opened for Spoon). It’s crazy how much they have changed over the years.

“The Great Decay”

This is the second song on the Burst & Bloom EP. It came out in 2001. I believe that’s the EP where Cursive first incorporated a cello.

“May Flowers”

This came out in 2002 as part of a split with Eastern Youth entitled 8 Teeth to Eat You. It’s another song with cello. I’ve seen Cursive several times since they got rid of the cello and I still buy their albums but I think they’ll never be as good they were with the cello.

“Some Red Handed Sleight Of Hand”

This is not only one of my favorite Cursive songs. It’s one of my favorite songs of any band. I listened to this all the time in college. Released in 2003, It’s the first actual song on Ugly Organ. I couldn’t stop listening to that album when it first came out and it’s still one of my favorite albums.

“The Recluse”

I really can’t convey how much I love this song. Almost every song on Ugly Organ is a classic. These are some of my favorite lyrics: “You’re in my web now, I’ve come to wrap you up tight ’til it’s time to bite down.”

“O’Rourke’s, 1:20 A.M.”

This is one of my favorite songs of any band. It’s track four on Black Out, which came out in 2002. Although, I don’t think I started listening to the Good Life until a few years after that. I think this whole album is about drinking. This song is kind of depressing but very easy to relate to.

“Album of the Year”

This is probably my favorite song from the Good Life. Released in 2004, it’s the title track of the third album, Album of the Year. That’s another LP about a relationship falling apart. This is a great song to listen to, especially after a breakup. Some more great lyrics: “The last time that I saw her she was picking through which records were hers.”

“So Let Go”

This is the ninth track off the latest Good Life album, Help Wanted Nights. It came out in 2007. It’s my favorite recent Good Life song.

“I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here”

Tim Kasher’s solo album, The Game of Monogamy, is pretty new, I’m not even sure if it’s officially out now. This is track three on it. Even though I’ve only listened to the album a few times, I remember seeing him play this song back at Tonic Room a few months ago. It definitely stood out as one of the best songs that night. I really dig it, mainly because of the trumpet. I can’t wait to see him play it at Schubas in November.