My Favorite Lucero Songs

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Favorites

I am really excited about getting to see Lucero this week so I decided to come up with an arbitrary list of my ten favorite Lucero songs. I’ll throw on some of my favorite lyrics just for the heck of it. Here it goes:

“Tears Don’t Matter Much”

I love how this song has tons of energy whereas the actual lyrics are pretty emotional. I think this song pretty much epitomizes Lucero. I also like the shout out to Cory Branan. “I’m just another Southern boy who dreams of nights in NYC.”

“Drink ‘Till We’re Gone”

Probably one of their most depressing songs but I love it. “Life is short, despite of your plans so tell the girls they’re pretty while you can.”

“I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight”

This is probably one of their catchiest songs.  You can’t go wrong when you sing about Saturday night. It also has this Springsteen quality to it. “Saturday night, wrong side of town.”

“Kiss The Bottle”

This is a cover of the Jawbreaker song but if it wasn’t for this song I probably wouldn’t be a Lucero fan. The first time I saw them, I just went because Sundowner was opening. I didn’t know any Lucero songs but I knew this one because I am a huge Jawbreaker fan. After hearing that, I have been pretty much hooked on Lucero.

“Nights Like These”

This another one of those sad Lucero songs. It’s the perfect soundtrack for drinking whiskey alone. “It’s nights like these that make me sleep all day.”

“Sing Me No Hymns”

Not every Lucero song is sad. This is a great song for rocking out to, especially when you see them live. “The rain’ll wash away the piss and blood but the water’s not enough to wash away the things that I’ve done.”

“Slow Dancing”

This one is a narrative about love and heartbreak. Hard to listen to it without getting a little misty-eyed by the end. “I would forget you if only I could think about anything else.”

“Sounds Of The City”

This is one of those uptempo songs, similar to “I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight.” Lucero has to have these feel good songs to cancel out all the depressing ones. “It ain’t sad, it’s the way it goes.”

“The War”

For this one, Ben sings an emotional narrative about his grandfather’s experiences in the war.  This is what they used to close out their shows with. “I’d be no guest at the table of the Lord, his food was not to be mine.” Great stuff.

“Last Night In Town”

This is another one of Lucero’s good-time drinking songs. “Drink it up boys, it’s my last night in town.”

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