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Andrew Bird played the Hideout Block Party last Saturday. It was a good time. It was the third time I’ve seen him and he put on another great show, definitely one of my favorite live performers.

So I guess Emo’s in Austin has a new location and sold off their location on Red River. I haven’t been there in a while. However, back in college this was one of my favorite hangouts. Some months it felt like I was there every weekend.

Over at the Asian Man Record tumblr, they posted a letter from Alkaline Trio to AMR back in 1998 when they were starting out, kind of neat.


Jessica Hopper has a great essay in reaction to the Nevermind box set, you can find it over at the Reader.

The Trib has a nice article on the Hideout as the block party approaches this weekend.

Apparently Sundowner is playing tonight at the L&L around 10:00 PM. We’ll see if I can make it up there.

I started reading this graphic novel about this guy who write obits so it got me thinking about “I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here” by Tim Kasher. “I got a job writing obits – a professional writer at last!” Here’s a video of Tim playing it live while getting a haircut:

Here’s a random Cory Branan song:

The Hideout Block Party is this weekend but I’m only familiar with Andrew Bird and Jon Langford, I guess I need to start listening to more music.

Apparently everyone loves Wild Flag. AV Club has an interview and a review of their album while Chicagoist also has a review.

All this Wild Flag stuff has inspired me to listen to a lot of Sleater-Kinney lately. It’s funny because I pretty much stopped listening to Sleater-Kinney after All Hands On The Bad One (2000). I never realized how good the songs on The Woods (2005) are. I’ve been digging this one in particular:

This of course leads to some nostalgia for those nights in middle school when I’d listen to KTRU, where I first heard Sleater-Kinney and Heavens to Betsy among many other bands. Here’s the obligatory Heavens to Betsy song: