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Stars has their new single “Fixed” available as a free download.

Cursive covers Starship for the A.V. Club and it’s pretty terrible.

Deer Tick has a new song, entitled “Twenty Miles” for download. It’s a little less country, a little more Rolling Stones. Also, I just realized that Andy isn’t in the band anymore. Does that mean no more “Dance of Love”? I guess we shall see on Thursday.

Babelgum has a video of the xx performing at the SXSW Lawn Party.

Also, for those keeping track, this Friday’s Japandroids show at Lincoln Hall just sold out.


I have tried several times to download this free Phoenix live EP.  I guess everyone is trying to download it today.  I’d really like to give it a listen.  I know if I don’t download it by today, I’ll forget all about it.

I may or may not go see Tegan & Sara @ Aragon this weekend.  The whole thing has turned into quite a mess.  I really like their music and they were great the last time I saw them live.  I have never been to a show @ Aragaon so that place may or may not suck.

I read today that Stars are coming to Chicago in June.  I might have to check that one out.  They were one of the many bands that played ACL in 2008.  I had no idea who they were at the time so I didn’t see them.  After a few years of listening to them now, I consider them to be a favorite of mine.  Not sure how they translate live though.

Finally, I must remember to listen to the new National song that everyone is talking about.