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The Hold Steady are playing Letterman tonight, that should be fun.

Maps & Atlases has a new song for download. It’s a little slower than the songs I like from them but it’s a solid song. Download “Solid Ground” via Chicagoist here.

The Dead Weather have their new album streaming in a unique way, it’s a Ustream of a phonograph playing the new record. Check it out on their web page.


I just read that Superchunk are playing Taste of Randolph. That’s awesome b/c I didn’t get to see them at SXSW.

If you are in southern California tonight you have quite a nice dilemma: The Antlers are @ Detroit Bar, Rogue Wave is @ El Rey Theatre, and Murder City Devils are @ The Glass House.

Muzzle of Bees has a review of the Yeasayer/Sleigh Bells show in Madison, sounds like it was a blast.

Stereogum has up the video for Band of Horses’ “NW Apartment.” It seems like they are definitely going in a more upbeat direction for this album.

AV Club has short piece on the new Interpol song.

Speaking of AV Club, they wrote up a guide to emo. This article brings me back to the days of high school (1996 – 2000). My four favorite “emo” records at the time were Jimmy Eat World’s Static Prevails (1996), The Get Up Kids’ Four Minute Mile (1997), Tuesday’s Freewheelin’ (1997), and The Promise Ring’s Nothing Feels Good (1997). Here are some songs from those albums:

I couldn’t find anything decent on youtube for Tuesday, so here is a link to Tuesday’s “Goodbyes Have Been Said” on Lala.

Sleigh Bells has a new song available for download. I’ve listened to it once and it sounds good. I am bummed that I can’t see them tomorrow night because the show sold out. You can download “Tell ‘Em” here.

Speaking of sold out shows, both the Shout Out Louds show and the Stars show have sold out already. Damn.

I’ve been listening to the Antlers a lot recently. I realized that their song “Two” reminds me of “Perfect Sonnet” by Bright Eyes, not that that’s a bad thing:

Also, been listening to a lot of White Rabbits and their song “They Done Wrong” reminds me of a sped up version of Spoon’s “Me and the Bean” not that weird though since Britt Daniel produced the White Rabbits album:

Empire of the Sun – “Walking on a Dream”

I first heard this song while sitting around bored at a Forever 21. I generally don’t like the music they play at stores like that but this song was super infectious. It’s the kind of song where once it gets stuck in your head, it’ll stay there for a while.

White Rabbits – “The Plot”

This is probably one of the most energetic White Rabbits songs around. It’s off Fort Nightly. Although that’s their first album, I am less familiar with it since I only discovered White Rabbits recently.  Alexander does the main vocals on this one. It starts out with just guitar and drums then the vocals come then the piano and then finally the bass kicks in. The whole song has a driving, urgent sound to it that just makes me want to move.

Cafe Tacuba – “Volver A Comenzar”

In case you don’t know, Cafe Tacuba is probably the best rock band to ever come out of Mexico. This song has a nice dance beat to it but there are enough changes involved to keep it interesting. This song came out a few years ago on SINO but I pretty much neglected that album until recently.