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I’m flying to Houston on Wednesday night and then driving to Austin on Thursday morning. I’ll stay there a few days to enjoy the SXSW festivities. I’m cheap so I don’t have a badge or anything. I’m just going to stick with the free shows during the day.  I probably won’t get to see any music until after 1:00 PM on Thursday; I’ll be too busy waiting in line to get wristbands for IFC Crossroads House and Fader Fort. Here’s what I’ve got planned for Thursday:

Yuck – 1:30 PM @ Flamingo Cantina (515 E. 6th Street) – Under The Radar Party (no RSVP)

Telekinesis – 2:20 PM @ Mohawk (912 Red River Street) – Billions Day Party (no RSVP)

The Lonely Forest – 3:00 PM @ Klub Krucial – Trumer Pils Afternoon Social (no RSVP)

The Joy Formidable – 3:15 PM @ The Parish (214 E. 6th Street) – NPR Party (no RSVP)

The Antlers – 4:00 PM @ The Parish (214 E. 6th Street) – NPR Party (no RSVP)

Savoir Adore – 4:30 PM @ Valhalla (710 Red River Street) – Buzzgrinder Party (no RSVP)

Ted Leo – 5:30 PM @ French Legation (802 San Marcos Street) – Other Music Lawn Party (No RSVP)

Sondre Lerche – 6:00 PM @ The Liberty (1618 1/2 E. 6th Street) – Waynestock (No RSVP)


I was watching this video of the Ben Gibbard performance at SXSW. I am kind of bummed I didn’t get to see him but I am pretty sure that was one of those shows where I would have ended up waiting all day and still not get in.  It also makes me nostalgic for the days back in college when I listened to Death Cab all the time.

Here’s another video from SXSW.  It’s Savoir Adore playing acoustic in some random parking lot. The more I listen to this band, the more I like them. “Bodies” is definitely one of my most listened to songs of the month.

It’s over a month away but I am debating whether I should already buy tickets to the Murder by Death show. I have Killbot 2000 stuck in my head.

Speaking of debates, I can’t decide whether I should buy a 3 day pass to Lollapalooza. I am not averse to festivals but Lolla last summer was such a disappointment compared to the experience I had at ACL 2008.

Lin says I need to listen to the Local Natives and the Clues.

And while I am on the subjects of recommendations, Sondre Lerche and John Vanderslice recommend that everyone listen to the Morning Benders. I saw a little bit of them at SXSW but I wish I had stuck around for more. Check out this awesome video of them:

Saturday was the day I finally got the music overload that I needed from SXSW. This was the day that I truly made music the focus of my day. I forwent food and headed straight to Red Eyed Fly.

Savoir Adore

Savoir Adore was one of the many bands I had never heard of until a few weeks prior. I was only familiar with one of their songs off a sampler (“Bodies”). They were playing the Coffee? No Pants! Party at Red Eyed Fly. I think they got started around 1:00 pm. There were very few people there but the band still put on a good show. They play poppy upbeat indie music with male and female vocals.  At times, they remind me of the Anniversary. Also, their drummer has a sweet mustache but I didn’t get a photo of it. I am not sure if they are touring anytime soon but they are a band I would love to see again.

Codeine Velvet Club

Yet another band I didn’t know much about. I was really excited about these guys though. I heard their stuff on their web page and fell in love with it. I liked it so much I even bought their album. This Scottish band plays old school foot-stomping rock n’ roll with male (Jon Lawler) and female (Lou Hickey) vocals. They also have a small horn section, which allows for some jazzier songs as well. They have tons of energy when they play and it’s nearly impossible to stand still watching them perform. They had a strong start to the set playing “Hollywood” and “Sister.” Those sings stick out because they are the ones I am most familiar with. The rest of the set was good too, I just didn’t know the songs. As their set drew to a close, Lou headed backstage. I don’t know the name of the last song they played but the guys certainly gave it their all. It certainly looked as if they wanted to keep playing. I am sure they continued rocking somewhere else later that day.

The Veils

After CVC at Cedar Street, I had to hike back to the Red River area. Most of the lines were ridiculous so I went to Klub Krucial (Emo’s East Annex) where there had been no lines all week. I got there in time to see most of the set by the Veils. I saw this band last year at Empty Bottle. I don’t listen to them too much but I think they are pretty good. They kind remind me of the Smiths. I enjoyed them but I was really here for the next performer.

Sondre Lerche

As the Veils were finishing up, I managed to get up front for a good spot for Sondre. This would be my third time to see Sondre. In fact, I just saw him this past February at Lincoln Hall. He ranks as one of my favorite live performers. He is very entertaining in both his music and his between-song banter. All his songs were great but I especially love hearing “Modern Nature.” I love hearing that song live. I can’t wait to see him again, whenever that may be. I don’t think one can ever see enough Sondre.

(Note: I did see some other bands that day like The Mynabirds, Children Collide, JBM, and Rogue Wave.  However, I either didn’t see enough or was too removed from the shows to really say anything regarding their performances.)

(photos by me)