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This week’s AV Undercover is no surprise if you saw the Hold Steady last week, they cover “The Power of Love”.

There’s a new Owen song up on Alternative Press.

I have had Wild Flag’s “Boom” stuck in my head the past few days:


Braid was on Saturday. They played all my favorite songs so I was satisfied. The Trib has a review over here.

The Wild Flag album is up on NPR First Listen. As expected, it’s great.

The Hold Steady played another great show last night. It was more guitar heavy than usual. It looked like Craig was playing guitar on most songs and there was a notable absence of any keyboards. I was in the balcony so I didn’t get to take any photos or anything. I did head downstairs to go crazy for “Constructive Summer” but that was it. Anyways, it was a fun time. Here’s what they played:

  1. “Hornets! Hornets!”
  2. “Hurricane J”
  3. “Cattle and Creeping Things”
  4. “Barfruit Blues”
  5. “Rock Problems”
  6. “Ask Her For Some Adderall”
  7. “Chips Ahoy!”
  8. “Stuck Between Stations”
  9. “Sequestered In Memphis”
  10. “We Can Get Together”
  11. “Same Kooks”
  12. “The Swish”
  13. “Your Little Hoodrat Friend”
  14.  “Stevie Nix”
  15. “Constructive Summer”
  16. “The Weekenders”
  17. “You Can Make Him Like You”
  18. “Southtown Girls”
  19. “Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night”
  20. “Most People Are DJs”
  21. “The Power of Love” (encore)
  22. “Massive Nights” (encore)
  23. “Stay Positive” (encore)

The Trib has a review of last night’s show.

It’s back to Metro tomorrow night to see Braid.

Speaking of which, AV Club just put up an extensive interview with Braid.

For the latest AV Undercover, Basia Bulat covers “Where Have All The Rudeboys Gone” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.

Sometimes I hear of a new band, but then it turns out they already broke up, such is the case with the Answering Machine. I just heard this song yesterday:

Just one more day until the Hold Steady at Metro. I’m expecting a crazy show, I just hope that I’m up for it.