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AV Club announced more bands for their fest. I’m happy to see that Maritime and Hum have been added.

And speaking of festivals, Shellac is playing one on September 18, 2011. The AV Club also has the details. It looks like they’ll be playing in a tent at Eckhart Park.

In completely unrelated news, I’ve been listening to a lot of One Last Wish lately. Here’s a cool live video I came across on YouTube:

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists were great last night. It was only my second time seeing the whole band and my first time to see them headline a show. It was pretty cool that they played The Tyranny of Distance in its entirety. I’m kind of bummed that I’m not going to the show tonight but I think I’ve met my Ted Leo quota for the year.

BTW, here’s the AV Club interview with Ted Leo from yesterday.

Apparently, the Wild Flag show at Empty Bottle (October 9, 2011) is not sold out. I was informed this morning that tickets are still available and I snagged a couple. This is going to be a great show so buy your tickets now if you haven’t done so already.

Speaking of Wild Flag, I can’t get enough of their song “Romance”. I particularly like Janet’s vocals on the breakdown. You can download “Romance” at Some Velvet Blog.

The weekend was a blast. I got to see Wild Flag twice and they were great both times. I especially enjoyed the show at Subterranean because I got super close. I wasn’t too familiar with their songs, but I liked everything they played. They even did some covers of the Rolling Stones and Patti Smith. I’d love to see them again but it looks their show at Empty Bottle is already sold out. I didn’t take any videos, but I found a few on YouTube:

Loud Loop Press’s review of the Wild Flag show is over here.

Ted Leo is tonight at Millennium Park. The weather has cooled from last week so this should be a fun one.

The Trib has an article about Netherfriends. They focus on his 50 states project but his music is good too.

The AV Club is throwing a festival on September 10-11. So far the lineup includes Archers of Loaf, Telekinesis, Tokyo Police Club, and the Thermals. Awesome.

Jump through a few hoops and download a song from Tim Kasher’s latest release. It’s called “The Jessica”. Start your journey over at Paste.