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Pitchfork Festival tickets go on sale next week, on March 4, 2011. I had a blast last year so I’m planning to go again this year.

Dear Landlord, one of the few current punk bands that I listen to, are going on tour. They play Beat Kitchen on May 7, 2011.

The Mountain Goats played Letterman the other night. COS has a video of it.

Last night I went to JBTV to watch a Maps & Atlases taping. It was pretty cool. They did a short set, maybe seven songs but I wasn’t keeping track. The sound was good and the space was intimate.

Deerhunter played Letterman last night. You can watch over at COS.

Speaking of late night performances, Destroyer played Fallon. Stereogum has a video of that one.

Just heard this song today for the first time, pretty good:

The Black Keys are going on tour but they haven’t announced a Chicago date yet.

I guess the Dismemberment Plan likes to share their live performances. already has up their performance from Saturday. If you want see how the reunion compared to their old shows, try listening to this one. That’s from when I saw them at Emo’s in 2002.

It’s two months away but I am already debating who to see on April 22, Black Lips or Maritime.

Speaking of April, looks like Junip is playing Empty Bottle on April 23, 2011. That should be a good one.

I saw The Dismemberment Plan on Saturday. It was a really fun time. I guess I forgot how much fun their live shows are. Their drummer was amazing live. Also, he’s the only person I’ve seen wearing an NPR t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.  The guys played a very strong. I particularly enjoyed their cover of Robyn.

COS has a review of the Dismemberment Plan show here.

I think I might see the JBTV taping of Maps & Atlases tomorrow. Not sure what to expect from the taping, but I do enjoy Maps & Atlases.