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Tim Kasher played at Tonic Room on Tuesday. It was kind of a weird show. It wasn’t sold out and it was an odd venue. I’ve never been to Tonic Room before but I don’t think they get many touring bands. It’s a pretty small place with a tiny “stage.” It was a really intimate show, the capacity was 99 and I don’t even think it sold out. I was really surprised by how few people were there but I guess it wasn’t promoted heavily.

I am not sure who his band was but there was Tim and three other guys (drums, bass/violin, and keyboard/trumpet). It was a really good show. Probably the best performance I’ve seen Tim Kasher give in the last 5 years. He played with a lot of emotion and honesty. I knew absolutely none of his new songs but they were all familiar. The emotions have been displayed before in Cursive and the Good Life but it was different hearing them played with an acoustic guitar. At times, it felt like he was channeling Neutral Milk Hotel, especially when the trumpet kicked in. Yet it never felt like he was trying to be something that he’s not. In fact, I wondered why Tim hadn’t been playing music like this before. I am not sure where his solo work will fit into his music life but I could see Tim dedicating himself to this for a while.

It’s hard to keep track of a set when so many of the songs were new and unfamiliar.  He played a Good Life song, “Night and Day” and he also covered Tom Waits.  Tim mentioned that he was in town for his sister’s wedding and that he had to play a song at the wedding but none of his songs were appropriate so he played a Tom Waits song.  Other than those two covers, everything else was his solo work. He played most of the songs from his upcoming album and he even played a newer one that will presumably be on his second album. Highlights included “A Grown Man,” “Monogamy,” and “The Prodigal Husband.”  I particularly liked the violin and synth on “Monogamy.” It was great show and I am glad I got to see it.

I couldn’t get too close to the stage but I managed to take couple of photos:


If you are looking for a job, maybe you should go work for the AV Club. They need a copyeditor.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is going on a farewell tour. The first stop is Subterranean on September 8, 2010.

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I am really digging the bass on this new Ra Ra Riot single “Boy.

The Black Keys played Craig Ferguson last night:

Gorillaz are going on tour and playing the UIC Pavilion on October 16, 2010.

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Also, it looks like the Thermals are playing Logan Square Auditorium on October 3, 2010.

Tonight is Tim Kasher @ Tonic Room. I really don’t know what to expect but it should be a good time.

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