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The Hold Steady finally announced a Chicago date for 2010. The problem is that it’s not until October 1st. I can’t believe they haven’t played here in over a year already. I don’t know how I am going to handle another two and a half months. Well that got me thinking about their last show in Chicago. That’s when they played the Taste of Randolph 2009.

This was the fifth time I saw the Hold Steady. In fact, it was the fifth time I had seen them in less than a year. Over that period of time, the intensity of their live shows had transformed me from a casual listener to a die-hard fan. I went to the fest with a few other people but I don’t really remember anything but the music.

I tend to go into a trance when I see the Hold Steady perform. All I want to do is hear the music, jump around, and sing along. I know it’s cliche to compare their shows to a religious experience but being at a Hold Steady performance fills me with that sense of belonging and community that I felt when I went to mass as a kid. This crowd of strangers turns into a group of friends. To compare it to a ritual is not to say that it’s a boring experience. For me, it’s simply reassuring to know that after watching the Hold Steady play, I will leave feeling better than when I got there. I don’t remember too many of the specifics of that show. I know the song that “Constructive Summer” stuck out in my mind, most likely because that was the only time I actually saw the Hold Steady play during the summer. Knowing how much fun I had at that show, I only hope that I can feel something like that the next time they play. Here’s hoping that the next few months fly by.

Here are some videos of the show that I found on YouTube:

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