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Last night I ultimately decided to go see You Say Party! We Say Die! show at Empty Bottle. It would be my second Canadian band in as many weeks. It was a cheap show and I love Empty Bottle so I had no reason not to go. I didn’t get there until ten because I was hanging out with CIRF at Blind Robin. I got to Empty Bottle in time to see Clique Talk. I never heard of these guys but they weren’t bad. They kind of remind me of New Order or something along those lines. People seemed to be really into them. Their singer was in the crowd dancing most of the time and people seemed to love that. Actually that crowd was kind of interesting, the people up front were wearing some weird clothes.

Around 11:15 YSP! WSD! went on stage. I was slightly shocked when I realized that the singer had been one of the people dancing in the crowd during the Clique Talk set. Although, I guess that explains her weird clothes. It was pretty cool though that she was in the crowd, she was a pretty good dancer. I am not too familiar with the band but I knew some of their songs. They were very energetic and put on a good show but I just wasn’t into it that night, maybe it was because it was a weekday or maybe it was because there was such a small crowd, who knows. It wasn’t necessarily a bad show but I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed. I heard a few compare this band to Q and not U so that probably raised my expectations too high. I am willing to give them another chance though, maybe on a Saturday night after a few drinks.


So I did end up going to the Tegan & Sara show on Friday. It was my first time at Aragon and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I was expecting the worst but it was a pretty nice venue, much nicer than Congress Theatre. The sound wasn’t that great. There was an echo off the back wall from the drums and it was kind of hard to hear the vocals. I got there a little late so I didn’t see any of the opening bands. Tegan & Sara were good. They started off playing like eight songs from the new album. Good songs but I am still not very familiar with them. It was the second time I saw them. I liked them more the first time but they were still good. However, I did not like their acoustic version of “Back In Your Head.” It’s one of my favorite songs but that version was not doing it for me. Overall, a good experience and I am now more likely to see shows at Aragon in the future.  TOC has some photos of the show here.

The Hold Steady released another song from their new album.  I need to listen to it some more but it’s good. I am still undecided as to whether I will see them play L.A. in May.

It looks like Fat Mike’s SXSW performance will have some consequences, he got banned from Emo’s.

I might go see You Say Party! We Say Die! on Wednesday @ Empty Bottle. Not too familiar with them but I love going to shows at Empty Bottle.