Random Music Thoughts – February 8, 2012

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Random Music Thoughts
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There is some good stuff in the Trib today. First there is a feature on Sharon Van Etten.

The Trib also has a good review of Craig Finn’s show last night.

I really enjoyed the Craig Finn show last night. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. I had listened to some of Craig’s new solo stuff online but I was only familiar with a handful of songs. Although the performance wasn’t as loud as a Hold Steady show, it was still captivating. Craig had a backing band for most songs but he also played a few songs by himself. Some of the songs were kind of depressing but others were fun and energetic. You could tell that Craig and his band were having a good time. I also appreciated that Craig provided an explanation for most of the songs that he played. It was different from a Hold Steady show but I honestly enjoyed it more than the last time I saw THS. I don’t know if he’ll play any more solo shows in Chicago, but last night was definitely a treat.


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