I was at my parents’ house the other day digging through the closet and I came across this mixtape that I got back in high school. It was actually a pretty solid mix. Looking back, I heard a lot of my favorite bands for the first time on this mixtape. Anyways, here’s what was on it:

Side A

Jeremy Enigk – “Abegail Anne”

Tuesday – “Let The Stars Play”

The Get Up Kids – “Don’t Hate Me”

Texas Is The Reason – “Antique”

Failure – “Stuck On You”

Love Spit Love – “Fall On Tears”

Jimmy Eat World – “Claire”

Karate – “Cherry Coke”

Hoarse – “Issue”

Jawbox – “Iodine”

Sebadoh – “Willing To Trade”

Jawbreaker – “Unlisted Track

Side B

The Great Detroit Riverboat Race – “The Death Song”

Boy’s Life – “Golf Hill Drive”

Smoking Popes – “Need You Around”

Duncan Sheik – “Wishful Thinking”

Gameface – “Gibberish”

Face To Face – “Walk The Walk”

King For A Day – “When I Was A Boy”

Roosevelt’s Inaugural Parade – “Darkened Sky”

Shudder To Think – “Red House”

Split Lip – “Drums + Shotguns”

Samuel – “The Leaving Kind”


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