Random Music Thoughts – July 11, 2011

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Random Music Thoughts

This morning’s weather-related soundtrack was brought to you by Cursive:

Apparently Craig Finn is recording his solo album in Austin now. You can try and piece together what he’s up to by checking out his Tumblr.

We Were Promised Jetpacks is coming out with a new album in October. They play Metro on November 2, 2011.

On Saturday I went to the Sundowner show at Bottom Lounge (Volcano Room). It was probably his strongest performance in recent memory. The show was far from soldout but the crowd was really into it. Chris played the first half of the set on his acoustic and the second half on his electric (he stared the electric portion with “The Revisionist”). The set was well-crafted, consisting of songs from the first album, the latest album, Lawrence Arms covers, and some new songs. The crowd really got into it for “The Sea Of Lights”, everyone seemed to be singing along for that one. They also provided some nice backing vocals for “This War Is Noise” and “Fireflies”. Tim from Elway came out for the encore with Chris. Tim strummed a few lines of “100 Resolutions” and then they played “The First Eviction Notice”. I tried to keep track of the set list, this is what I have down, let me know if there are any mistakes:

  1. “Jackson Underground”
  2. “All Prologue”
  3. “The Sea Of Lights”
  4. “This War Is Noise”
  5. “Araby”
  6. “Steal Your Words”
  7. “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon”
  8. “Born To Die” (new song)
  9. “The Revisionist”
  10. “In The Flicker”
  11. “Criminal” (Lawrence Arms)
  12. “Mouth Of The Tiger”
  13. “Beachcomber” (new song)
  14. “Midsummer Classic”
  15. “Audio Geography”
  16. “As The Crow Flies”
  17. “Fireflies” (Lawrence Arms)
  18. “What Beadie Said”
  19. “The First Eviction Notice” (Lawrence Arms)

For those who aren’t familiar, “Criminal” is one of those hard to find Lawrence Arms songs, it definitely fits into a Sundowner set:


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