Random Music Thoughts – July 5, 2011

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Random Music Thoughts

Matt Pond PA and Rocky Votolato are playing Lincoln Hall on September 12, 2011. This one is a little different than the show they did at Subterranean. The show at Subt was technically a solo show for Matt Pond. Furthermore, Rocky is bringing a full band with him for this tour.

This Saturday, Sundowner is playing the Volcano Room at Bottom Lounge. I just saw Sundowner in SF last month but I still feel like seeing him again. This got me thinking, is it weird to want to see the same bands over and over again? There are a handful of bands that I want to see every time they play a Chicago show like Sundowner, Rocky Votolato, the Hold Steady, and Tim Kasher. But in general, I would say I’m pretty inclined to see a band multiple times. I think you can’t get a true feel for a band unless you see them multiple times. Like this Sundowner show, yeah I saw him in SF but this Bottom Lounge show is a hometown show and it’s a record release party. I think those two factors merit seeing him again. Later this month, I’ll go see Wild Flag twice but one will be at a small venue indoors and the other will be at an outdoor festival. I don’t know, I like seeing bands in different settings and seeing how they change it up, but maybe I’m just weird.

In other news, yesterday was the anniversary of the Replacements’ last show. Read Gret Kot’s piece on it here.


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