Random Music Thoughts – May 3, 2011

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Random Music Thoughts

The Hood Internet has a version of “VCR” that’s worth a listen. It’s up over at Pitchfork.

Braid is playing Metro on August 27, 2011. Mark your calendars, this one is going to be awesome.

This AV Club Undercover with Matt Pond and Rocky Votolato is pretty sweet.

Glen Hansard is opening for Low at Millennium Park on June 27, 2011 so this one should be even more packed.

I saw John Vanderslice last night at Schubas. He was great. It was an amazing performance in so many ways. His song selection was great. His stage presence was awesome. He was witty. His drummer was phenomenal. He had several other performers join him onstage throughout the night. He even ended the night by playing five songs in the audience. It was fantastic. John also announced that he’s playing a show in San Francisco on June 17, 2011 with Magik Magik Orchestra. It just so happens that I’ll be in SF that weekend so maybe I’ll attend. Again, John Vanderslice is great, you should see him if you ever have the opportunity. Here’s the set list, I put question marks for my guesses:

  1. “Sunken Union Boat”
  2. “Scorpio Rising”
  3. “Convict Lake”
  4. “The Parade”
  5. “White Plains”
  6. “Overcoat”
  7. “Trance Manual”
  8. “Pale Horse”
  9. “Exodus Damage”
  10. “I’ll Never Live Up To You”
  11. “Kookaburra”
  12. “Do You Remember?”
  13. “Up Above The Sea”
  14. “Underneath The Leaves”
  15. “Thule Frog”
  16. “Time To Go”
  17. “White Doves”
  18. “Me and My 424” (partial)
  19. “Advancing Army Clip”

[Correction: I corrected the John Vanderslice set list thanks to Joe’s comment below – May 5, 2011]

  1. joe says:

    in the interest of clarification, “do you remember the man?” is correct. (it’s called “do you remember?” on the album, but he referred to it as “do you remember the man?”), and “gainesville, fla” was actually “thule fog” from the “green grow the rushes” ep.

    cheers 😀

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