The Emergency Room, Sundowner @ Subterranean on December 2, 2010

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Show Review

I got to this show pretty early since there were only two bands and I wanted a good spot for Sundowner. it was kind of a younger crowd for this one. I definitely noticed a lot of x’s on hands.


This was my third time seeing Sundowner this year. Chris changed things up a little for this one. Instead of his normal acoustic set-up, he was playing solo on electric guitar. He also kept most of the set to newer songs with a few covers thrown in. Most of the crowd didn’t seem that into Sundowner. I heard a few people singing along but a bunch of them didn’t know the words. Anyways, it was a good set albeit a little short since he was the opener.

Set List:

  1. “Araby”
  2. “What Beadie Said”
  3. “Mouth of a Tiger”
  4. “All Prologue”
  5. “Jackson Underground”
  6. “As The Crow Flies”
  7. “Lime Green Walls”
  8. “Time To Panic” (Subteens cover)
  9. “Criminal” (Lawrence Arms cover)
  10. “In the Flicker”

The Emergency Room

Dan came out at a little later. His set was mostly his solo stuff, Alkaline Trio, and even a Carole King cover (“So Far Away”). Sadly, he didn’t play any Tuesday songs. Another letdown was that his guitar kept going out of tune but he couldn’t really help that. Anyways, I doubt it was his best performance but I enjoyed it and I’d probably see him play again in the future.

Here are some photos I took:


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