Random Music Thoughts – December 3, 2010

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Random Music Thoughts

Last night Superchunk played Metro. I didn’t go but it sounds like it was good show. The Trib has a review over here. Check out photos on Chicagoist.

I didn’t see Mac McCaughan and his band last night but I did see Chris McCaughan (no relation). I saw Sundowner open for the Emergency Room. It was a pretty good show. Chris was playing solo on electric so that was a change of pace. As for the Emergency Room, Dan put on a good performance but his guitar kept going out of tune. Anyways, I’ll probably post a full review later this weekend.

Greg Kot put up his list of the top albums of 2010.

Jimmy Tamborello confirms what most people already suspected, read it on COS.

Pitchfork likes Robyn’s Body Talk.

The Weakerthans are going to play all four of their albums in Winnipeg on December 18, 2010. I’d go but it’s a 15 hour drive and I am going to Andrew Bird the night before.


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