Pitchfork 2010 Review

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Show Review

There isn’t much coherency in this post. I was just trying to gather my thoughts on Pitchfork before I forgot them all. Here it goes.


Friday I started the day with the Tallest Man on Earth. It was scorching hot but he kept the crowd into it. He said he was jet-lagged and hadn’t slept in two days but he still played with plenty of energy. Sometimes folk musicians tend to have boring live performances but that was not the case with this guy. I’d really like to see him again and hopefully it will be away from the 90 degree heat.

I made a point to catch Liars but I was really disappointed that they didn’t play much of their old stuff. I guess I should have known better, oh well.

Robyn was way better than I expected. Surprisingly, I knew almost every song she played, I guess I have been listening to a lot of Robyn lately. The Swede was playing directly in the Sun but t that didn’t stop her from dancing like crazy. Her performance seemed to reinvigorate the crowd. It was like, if this girl can handle the heat, then certainly everyone else can.

The sound for Broken Social Scene was horrible. They were playing one of the smaller stages but the crowd didn’t get the memo b/c it was still packed. Unless you were really close, I am guessing it was hard to hear anything.

Of course, it was super packed for Modest Mouse, who headlined on Friday. I didn’t get close for these guys either but at least I could hear them. Modest Mouse started the set with a pleasant surprise, “Twin Cities Made of Ashes.” I don’t remember what else they played but it was enjoyable. I know they didn’t play “Float On” and I am pretty sure they didn’t play anything off of Lonesome Crowded West.


Netherfriends were the first band I saw on Saturday. I had seen them before at Empty Bottle but I think they put on an even better show at Pitchfork. They have a really catchy sound. Plus, I love any band that uses a melodica. I really hope these guys get big.

Real Estate was kind of boring. I thought I liked this band but their live performance just wasn’t doing it for me that day. I guess I should reconsider whether I like them.

The crowd went nuts for Titus Andronicus. Everyone was singing along and jumping around. The highlight was when Stickles jumped into the crowd. I saw them the night before at Subterranean but that show was unbearably hot and uncomfortable. I enjoyed them a lot more at Pitchfork.

I have really listened to much Jon Spencer Blues Explosion since I last saw them 15 years ago but I still enjoyed them. They are the kind of band who anyone can see live and appreciate. They are a band that just likes to play music and have fun.

Wolf Parade was an unexpected surprise. They kind of remind me of a dance version of Interpol. I was mostly watching them to get a good spot for LCD Soundsystem but they were definitely good. I think I’ll probably look into more of their music because of that performance.

Panda Bear almost put me to sleep. I really don’t get why people like this music.

LCD Soundsystem was amazing. The performance was epic. Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed it. I was thinking he would be the weakest of the headliners but I’d have to say that this was one of the best performances I’ve seen in the last 5 years. It seemed like every was dancing and enjoying the music, it was so captivating. All I can think about now is, “when will I get to see them again?”

Here is a video from Youtube of “Drunk Girls”:


I had no idea what to expect from Lightning Bolt but when the drummer put on that mask, I knew it was going to be crazy. Every band before then was pretty sleepy so those guys provided a nice wake up.

St. Vincent was good but a little boring. I don’t know what I was expecting but I didn’t get it.

Major Lazer definitely had the crowd going. They had ballerinas and Chinese dragon dancers. It was like some weird dream but it really happened. I’d probably see them again if they come to town, it was just really fun.

Pavement started off the night with “Cut Your Hair.” It was kind of funny because there was this dude with an afro standing up front block everyone’s view. Thankfully he left by their third song. The only real problem was that the bass was way too loud but otherwise, it was a good performance. I am glad I had the opportunity to see them.

Here is a video off of YouTube of their performance of “Cut Your Hair”:

If you want something that actually makes sense, you can read the Trib’s review here.


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