We Were Promised Jetpacks, Bear Hands @ Empty Bottle on July 12, 2010

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Show Review

I was kind of dreading this show because I just saw We Were Promised Jetpacks on Sunday and I was tired all day Monday but I am so glad that I went. I don’t remember too much of the first band, MillionYoung, but they were good from what I heard. Bear Hands played right before WWPJ.

Bear Hands

I missed Bear Hands at the last WWPJ show. They were the first band of three last time at Lincoln Hall and I almost always miss the first bands at those shows. I’ve never heard them myself but I heard a lot of praise for them at that last show. It’s a good thing they played second at Empty Bottle because I got see how awesome this band actually is. They were especially good considering they are from Brooklyn. The last few days I had to suffer through the horrible Brooklyn bands playing West Fest. If I had to guess where they are from just from the sound, I would have said DC. These guys definitely have a Dischord sound. The crowd was really into them and I basically liked every song they played. I can see these guys getting much bigger.

We Were Promised Jetpacks

I had just seen these guys the day before at West Fest so I wasn’t too excited but that all went away the second they started playing. This band just bring so much energy to their live shows. Adam Thompson sings his lyrics with tons of emotion while Darren Lackie’s drum rhythms add a dance element that gets the crowd moving. This was probably the most enjoyable performance of theirs that I’ve seen. Since the show at Lincoln Hall, I have become a lot more familiar with their songs. It was also a lot more fun than West Fest, it helped that I didn’t have to hold an umbrella the whole time. I paid no attention to the order of the songs but I know they started off the show with that countdown intro and kicked into “Keeping Warm.” One of the highlights was when the bassist from Bear Hands came out for “Quiet Little Voices.” These guys probably won’t be back until their new album comes out but I’ll probably be there no matter where they play.

Here are some videos of the show that were up on YouTube:


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