Maps & Atlases, David Bazan @ Green Music Fest on June 27, 2010

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Show Review

I got to see Maps & Atlases and David Bazan at Green Music Fest on Sunday. It was my first time seeing both of them and they both were awesome.

Maps & Atlases

My friend Lin got me into Maps & Atlases and I had been wanting to see them for a few years but it never seemed to work out. I made sure to book an early flight on Sunday so I would be able to see them. They definitely did not disappoint. I got to the show a little late so I didn’t see their whole set. I did get to see them play “Every Place Is A House,” which is my favorite song by them. From what little I saw, I could tell they put on a good live show. I can’t wait to see them again, I just hope that’s not too long from now.

David Bazan

I am a David Bazan fan via Pedro the Lion, who I was really into when I was in college. They were a band that I had pretty much forgotten about recently. I think I started listening to them again a few months back because of the end of the decade nostalgia I was going through. I never thought I’d actually get to see Pedro the Lion/David Bazan so I was pleased to hear that he was playing just a few blocks from my apartment. He put on a good show and played quite a few Pedro the Lion song. I don’t know if I’d go see him again but it was nice to finally see him live.


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