The Tie That Binds @ Walter’s On Washington on June 26, 2010

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Show Review

On Saturday I was in Houston to see the Tie That Bands. They were a local band from Houston and I was really into them back in high school. They were one of the first emo bands I got into. I think they are officially broken up now but they got together to play a benefit show for their drummer, Alex Arizpe. There were other bands playing like the Latch Key Kids and Blueprint but the show started two hours late so, sadly, I had to miss seeing those bands.

Saturday was the first time I had seen the Tie That Binds since 1997 when they opened for the Get Up Kids, if I remember correctly. There were a lot less people than I expected at the show but then again they were a band that never got super huge. However, the people that were there were die-hard Tie That Binds fans. The band put on a great show and played all my favorite songs, including one Badger song, “Self-Control.” I really regret not seeing these guys more back in the day. It was kind of nice to feel like I was back in high school again, even if it was for only an hour. The Tie That Binds will probably never play a show again so it was totally worth it to see them one last time.

I grabbed a set list, not too sure if they followed this strictly but here is what it says:

    1. “Remote”
    2. “Paycheck”
    3. “Crank Case”
    4. “Self-Control”
    5. “Adding Machine”
    6. “Annette Explains”
    7. “Grade K 79-80”
    8. ‘No Rest”

      I took a few photos and one video:


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