Random Music Thoughts – June 21, 2010

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Random Music Thoughts

I saw Superchunk for the first time last night. I had heard from someone that they weren’t good live so I had low expectations. Well whoever told me that was dead wrong. They blew me away. Superchunk is over the top with their energy. They were jumping around so much I thought they were going to jump through the stage or knock over their amps. If ever get to chance to see them again, I’ll be there.

I saw the Love Language earlier on Sunday, they were really good too. I love that song “Lalita.”

I also went to see Lucero on Saturday. It was a good performance but I think they are definitely a band I enjoy more in an intimate setting. I don’t think anything will compare to the time I saw them at Subterranean last year. They played a good show on Saturday, it was just different. From what I remember, they opened their set with “Sounds of the City.” It was the first time I saw them with horns so that was kind of weird. I think that was the first time I saw them end the show on “All Sewn Up.” When I saw them prior, Lucero usually ended their shows on downer songs. However, given the festival setting, it makes sense that they would end the night on a high note, with horns blaring.

Audrey sent me this article on CNN about “late-blooming bands” The National, The Hold Steady, and Spoon.

Apparently MTV is playing music again, here is Phoenix on Unplugged.


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