Recent Favorites – May 23, 2010

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Favorites

Maps & Atlases – “Every Place Is A House”

This is probably the first song I ever heard of this band and it’s one of my favorites. If someone were to ask me what math rock is, this is the first song I’d play them. The live performances I’ve found on youtube are a little too drum-heavy so keep that in mind. These guys are from Chicago and I still haven’t seen them live. I think they are playing next month but I am planning to be out of town that weekend, d’oh.

Ha Ha Tonka – “The Outpouring”

I’ve seen this band live once before but I don’t really listen to their stuff much. I added this song to my playlists recently and I love it. It’s very dynamic with somber verses and a triumphant chorus. I am not sure how popular it is but I feel like it definitely deserves some airplay.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – “Ships With Holes Will Sink”

I can’t get enough of this Scottish band. I saw them a few months ago and they were amazing. Thankfully they are playing again this summer. This is a really cool acoustic version of this song, which makes it even more emotional.


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