Voxtrot @ Lincoln Hall on May 21, 2010

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Show Review

So this was the last time that Voxtrot would play in Chicago. I felt more than obligated to go. These guys are from Austin, TX and apparently the bassist went to high school with me. On top of that, they play amazing music. It’s very rare that I get to see any type of final show by band. It had a very somber feeling. At times, it was like being at a funeral. Of course, those times were when the band was talking and reflecting on the situation. It was hard to be sad when they were playing their songs. Their songs are so upbeat and full of energy, one can’t help but move to it.

Voxtrot was a band with plenty of potential but for some reason it just never happened for them. Yeah, they had a decent following but these guys should be up there with Kings of Leon or the Killers. Instead, this was their last show ever in Chicago and they couldn’t even sellout Lincoln Hall on a Friday night.

I was pleased I went and I finally got to see a great band while I still had a chance. I even bought a t-shirt, which is something I rarely do at shows nowadays. I don’t remember too many specifics of the set but they ended the night with an emotional rendition of  “Missing Pieces.” It was a great show and Voxtrot will be missed.

Spinner has a much better review here.

Found some photos here.

Finally, here is the setlist.

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