The Dead Weather @ Marquardt Trucking Company on May 22, 2010

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Show Review

So yesterday was the secret Dead Weather show. I was super-psyched about this because it gave me another opportunity to see them in a smaller venue. I remember reading about it earlier in the week and I immediately became anxious about whether I’d get in or not. The whole gimmick was that the location wasn’t supposed to be released until 4:00 PM on Saturday. The whole afternoon I was obsessively checking the internet for clues about where the show would be. Then at 3:15 PM, I did a quick twitter search and saw that ThirdMan’s twitter feed leaked the location almost an hour early. At first I was in disbelief but I said what the hell and I cabbed it over to Carmichael’s Steakhouse. I ran into a nice couple who brought their daughter. I sat down with them for a while and listened to the soundcheck from this warehouse behind the restaurant. They said that the entrance was actually on the other side of this warehouse so I walked around to check it out. The building was the Marquardt Trucking Company, an old warehouse that has been rehabbed for corporate events. I got there and they were still putting up the barricades, there wasn’t even a line yet. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to get in.

After that, it was just a matter of waiting. I was probably in line for about 4 hours but the time went by surprisingly fast. It was a bonding experience with the other dedicated fans that were there. “Where are you from?” “How’d you hear about the location?” “Did you see them last year?” Even more, at around 6 maybe, the band did a run-through of most their set while the gates were still closed, that added a great soundtrack.

At around 7:40 they started letting people in. I was probably the third non-VIP in. I got in and found one of the few remaining spots upfront against the barricade. Then it was over an hour wait while listening to one of the worst DJs ever. The selection was good but he kept bumping the records and dropping the needle on the wrong tracks, oh well.

Looking at the stage, the set up was about the same as when I saw them at the Vic last year. It looked like they had the exact same Gretsch instruments and they were located in the same spots. Jack White did have a new drumhead for the kick drum though. It was another creepy image, this time of a guy standing in a tunnel.

They came out at about 9:00 PM. I was pleased to see that Jack Lawrence grew a beard, it seems more fitting of his image. I don’t remember too many of the early songs they played. However, I did notice that the stage lighting was more impressive than last year. They had some lights synced to the drums. For example, they had this huge blue light synced to the kickdrum, which made for a really creepy effect every time that Jack hit it. For me, the show really started when they played “I Cut Like A Buffalo.” That’s when the intensity really started. Before then they were playing more of their slower songs. After that it was “No Horse,” “The Difference Between Us,” “Hustle and Cuss,” and “New Pony.”  I am not sure that was the exact order though. After those songs I called it quits with the front. The girl next to me was a little too drunk, the band had already played most of my favorite songs, and I needed a drink. From the back of the room, it was a little harder to hear and nearly impossible to see. At that point, it was more like background music but it was nice to get a breather. I think they played till about 10:15 when they closed it out with “Treat Me Like Your Mother.” Overall it was a great show and a unique experience.

I did a quick search on Flickr and came across a few sets of photos from the show. You can look at those here and here. I am sure they’ll be plenty more photos up in the coming days. There were definitely more people shooting photos than dancing when I was up in the front.

I found some recaps here and here.

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