The Antlers @ Lincoln Hall on April 22, 2010

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Show Review


Phantogram opened. I caught a few of their songs. Pretty good from what I heard but an interesting choice for an opener. They were a duo with a guy on a guitar and a girl on keyboards. The music was thumping indie electronic. They also had video projecting over them. They put on a very entertaining show.

The Antlers

The Antlers started their performance with “Kettering” then played “Sylvia.” For some reason, they had a few potted plants onstage with them. The third song of their set was “Bear.” All of the Antlers’ songs are full emotion but something about the performance of “Bear” made it stand out even more. I was seriously holding back the tears for that one. Speaking of serious, I really enjoyed that most of the crowd was extremely courteous and considerate. When a guy is singing about terminal illness and dying, you have to show a certain amount of respect. I loved that people were shushing those who were talking during the set. The next song after “Bear” was “Atrophy” and then they played a new song after that. The new song had this synth part that reminded me a little of “One Life Stand” by Hot Chip.

After the new song, they played “Two.” Live it sounded a little different, like there was more of a dance beat to it. In fact, most of their songs sounded very different live, like there was a conscious effort to make the songs larger and more anthemic. Likewise, the drums featured more prominently than they do on the album versions. For a lot of the songs, they added drawn out rock outros.

The seventh song they played was “Shiva.” There is so much urgency in that song, especially the keyboards, it really conveys the anxious mood of a hospital. After “Shiva” was “Wake.” Then the band headed off stage for a while before their encore. For the encore they played their cover of the xx song “VCR”  and “Epilogue,” the last song on Hospice. Overall, it was an amazing show. I liked a few songs of their album but I loved everything they played live. The songs just came across so much better. It was surprising how much sound could come from just those three guys, considering they don’t even have a bassist.  It’ll be interesting to see if their next album aligns more with their live performances.

Also, Underground Bee has photos of the show here.


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