Rogue Wave @ Lincoln Hall on April 17, 2010

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Show Review

I ended up getting to this show kind of late so I completely missed the opening band, Man/Miracle. I also missed about fifteen minutes of the beginning of Rogue Wave. However, what I did see was amazing. Rogue Wave put on a great live show. It was much better to see them headlining compared to their abbreviated performance at SXSW. The sound was great, probably the best at any Lincoln Hall show I’ve attended. Rogue Wave also had these cool LED lights on their mic stands, which looked really trippy. It was also one of the rare instances in which the Lincoln Hall smoke machine didn’t seem out of place. For the intro to “Lake Michigan,” they had everyone on stage playing drums. They even had some guys from backstage, presumably from Man/Miracle, come out to play. It was pretty intense. I don’t remember too many other specifics in regards to song selection. I know they played two songs for their encore: “Kicking The Heart Out” and “Permalight.” I wish had something better to say but getting there late really threw me off. Anyways, these guys are great live and have a bunch of amazing songs. I don’t know how they aren’t huge by now but you should take advantage and see them at a smaller venue while you still can.


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