The Morning Benders @ Lincoln Hall on April 12, 2010

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Show Review

I arrived at the show on time but I still missed all of the opening band, the Miniature Tigers, because I was hanging out in the front bar and watching the Sox game. The Morning Benders started at around 9:15 and ended promptly at 10:15 with no encore, so it was a quick and early show. I saw just a glimpse of these guys at SXSW in an outdoor performance so I am really glad I got to see them at a real show because they were awesome. I didn’t know most of the songs because I am still getting into them but I know they played everything from their new album, Big Echo. They are definitely all about that album, in fact, singer Chris Chu was even wearing a Big Echo t-shirt onstage. I know some people were a little bummed that they weren’t playing any older stuff but I enjoyed everything they played. They closed out the night with “Excuses.” It was great to hear that song live but I think the audience needed more practice, they kept messing up the backing vocals.  Overall, the sound in the room was excellent that night. The guitars sounded really clean and crisp. The band put on a very entertaining and lively show. Furthermore, they clearly left the audience wanting more. Thus far, I would have to say that it was my favorite show this month.

I didn’t take any photos because I was too far back but it looks like this guy on Flickr took a few.


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