Japandroids @ Lincoln Hall on April 9, 2010

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Show Review

Avi Buffalo

I didn’t get there in time to see the first band but I did get to see Avi Buffalo. I never saw them live before but I had mixed feelings about them to begin with. I had liked everything I heard on their albums and I was planning to see them at SXSW until I looked up videos of their live performances, which made me apprehensive. Watching them at Lincoln Hall confirmed my feelings. They seem like they’d be a great band for a Wes Anderson soundtrack but they just don’t translate that well live. In person, they seem to lack energy. It puzzles me as to why they were paired with Japandroids for this tour.


Japandroids came on strong and definitely brought the energy that the night was lacking up until then. They played every song off their album but I don’t recall the order they played them in. They also played their cover of “Racer X” and the crowd went crazy for it. I am glad I went but I’d have to say I enjoyed them a little more in SXSW. I think this kind of music is best enjoyed in short doses as it can get slightly repetitive in a set lasting over an hour. I heard some complaints about the sound but I was right by the stage so I don’t think I had the same listening experience that others did. But yeah, I thought it was a good show and I look forward to seeing them again the next time they are back in town.

(photos by me)


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