Random Music Thoughts – March 26, 2010

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Random Music Thoughts
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I simply cannot get enough of the Middle East this week. They have replaced Vampire Weekend as my wake-up song on my alarm. I came across this good post on Muzzle of Bees about them. This guy does a much better description of them than I could ever do. But yeah, check them out, they are great.

I decided to go to the Tegan & Sara show tonight. I think they’ll be good. They were pretty amazing the last time I saw them. They are also one of those bands that have enough personality to make their on-stage banter nearly as entertaining as the music. I kind of neglected their latest album, Sainthood, but I have given it a few listens this week. There are a lot of good songs on there but the one that sticks out to me is Northshore. It is punkest Tegan & Sara song I’ve heard and it’s really good and catchy. The song is actually consistent with my image of them. However, I think my view is slightly skewed because my first glimpse of Tegan performing live was with Against Me! at ACL 2008.

Speaking of punk and Tegan & Sara, this gives me an excellent opportunity to post the Alkaline Trio cover of “Wake Up Exhausted.”

Finally, Lin told me to check out Warpaint. I had heard of them before but never gave them a listen. Their music sounds very good although it’s a little depressing, somewhat similar to the xx. I don’t know if they would be good live but I can see myself listening to more of this.

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